Sunday, September 18, 2011

Visit Steve Long and Me at

In my final post for EMW I mentioned that I would be moving on to other blogging projects. One is now underway. Steve Long and I have migrated to The site was started in 2000 by Mark Johnson, professor of theology at Marquette University, as "a news site for the academic study of St. Thomas, with opinions, newsletters, picture galleries, and the like."

Over the Summer, Mark, who found that he had too much on his plate, reached an agreement with The Aquinas Center of Ave Maria University (i.e., the unversity where Steve and I teach) to take over the operation of the site (with Mark continuing as an adviser and contributor). So, this is where Steve and I are now with our AMU colleagues Fr. Matthew Lamb, Roger Nutt, and Michael Dauphinais, along with several colleagues from other universities. You can find Mark's announcement of the transfer here and a statement by Roger and me about the "new" here.

As far as the other blogging project goes, that's still in the planning stages.

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